Tanya Arnold: 2014, Le Tour in Yorkshire - the crowds

Because Look North had its own Tour de France correspondent and the presenters also covered Le Grand Depart I didn’t have all that much to do with Le Tour, but I was at Harewood for the start. Because we weren’t rights holders we had to film any pieces to camera from a distance. We could have a shot showing cycling helmets going past but nothing more specific. I didn’t actually get to see much because we had to be so far back! But then coming back to the office, dipping in and out of watching the coverage and seeing those amazing helicopter shots of the huge crowds was amazing. I went out the next day and watched stage 2 coming out of York on the A59 and cycling past. My enduring memory of it though is seeing the shots of the crowds, ten deep on rural roads and even in the middle of nowhere. It created such a feel good factor that still exists to this day, it was such an incredible thing to have brought to this part of the world. I’ll hold my hands up and admit I didn’t know much about and wasn’t that into road cycling, but seeing the amount of people who sat in our offices watching the race brought a new appreciation of the sport and the event. It has left a real lasting legacy in the region, there’s the new tour of Yorkshire race next year but there are so many people cycling now, it really has made a difference, but the enduring memory for me will always be those crowds

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Tanya is the main presenter of the Super League Show on BBC One as well as being a regular sports presenter with BBC Look North, Yorkshire’s regional news programme.

Memory added on July 23, 2015



Memory added on July 23, 2015


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